Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HomeWork 2

The apartment project HomeWork was a story of 2011. We've started Game|Changers 2011 there. Now we prepare for the next Game|Changers season and it's time to find a new HomeWork.

photo by Sergey Konkov 

The new HomeWork is
  • still about people, home, work, wonderful kitchen, events and keys
  • and less about media and big events (probably even its address will be a secret)
  • still in the city center near a subway station, but the final location also can be 'Petrogradka' or islands like Vasilievsky or Krestovsky.
In HomeWork we used to connect doers, thinkers and gamechangers mainly from St. Petersburg and Moscow. The new version is also to attract people from around the world and to outreach meanings and ideas originated in St. Petersburg. That’s why this note is in English.

Another ‘application’ that we initiated in HomeWork (with beanbags) and is to be developed now is to facilitate the apartment's space as a playground/sandbox for new stuff and technologies that come into our life.


  • no smoking
  • no cookies (except hand-made)
  • music - live only (it's probably the less known HomeWork rule)
  • text communication - English only
What we are looking for:
  • option A: 5 and more room apartments, > 200 sq. m.
  • option B: 2 or 3 neighbour apartments (on the same floor), > 250 sq. m/
In case you are already interested in keys, rooms or partnerships please contact:
Sergey Karashevich +7 921 449 05 58 sergeykarashevich <at> gmail <.>com