Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ambient presence

Urbansheep, как всегда, профессионально вытаскивает и качественно описывает новые явления, вырастающие из Сети.Проектная деятельность в Ambient Presence режиме, имхо, действительно получает новое качество - особенно для некоммерческих - не имеющих четких временных рамок проектов.

European Business Congress

I made a presentation on Ad-hoc Education at European Business Congress (at Infocom section) in Slovenia last week.
The time will show how useful this event was for the project. The thing I’d like to do now is to express my great gratitude to all who were involved in the hard process of making my trip there reality. And special thanks to Dr. Henryk Frystacki for the invitation.

Unfortunately I miss Dr. Sergey P. Kapitsa who attended this even. I’m too slow sometimes! May be another day.

AHE label or using listing in Google Base

Possible scenario: Just put VC (visit card) of your project in gbase according to a recommendation document (to be defined): structure of VC, and what labels to put, and a link to the root AHE VC in gbase. And put a banner of AHE or whatever to the main site of your project.
Then anyone who search for a project (that satisfies AHE concept) according to his/her interests can just use gbase to have a list of projects he/she would join or just use their results.

The same can be done with other data within concept – companies' requirements, standard tasks, etc.

I know that it's not about external taxonomization. And it's more about putting eggs in a single basket. But the basket is Google and maybe it's not the worst way to play with the concept.

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