Sunday, June 25, 2006

AHE label or using listing in Google Base

Possible scenario: Just put VC (visit card) of your project in gbase according to a recommendation document (to be defined): structure of VC, and what labels to put, and a link to the root AHE VC in gbase. And put a banner of AHE or whatever to the main site of your project.
Then anyone who search for a project (that satisfies AHE concept) according to his/her interests can just use gbase to have a list of projects he/she would join or just use their results.

The same can be done with other data within concept – companies' requirements, standard tasks, etc.

I know that it's not about external taxonomization. And it's more about putting eggs in a single basket. But the basket is Google and maybe it's not the worst way to play with the concept.

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