Saturday, April 08, 2006

Project patterns

Thinking of various non-profit social projects that are more about a real world component then virtual one brings to idea of using 'project patterns'. What is it?

We've got a project that is done in particular place and particular conditions - so there are some scenarios, tracks and few roles are defined, some documents ( e.g. e-mails and formal papers) are written. So this knowledge and produced materials can be used to make similar project e.g. in different place, times, circumstances and what is most important by other team.

This idea looks a little bit similar with franchise when business that buys a contract get not only a brand, support and supply chains but set of documents, approaches, know-how, etc. Since for non-commercial area brands and active support usually don't have sense as a remainder we've got a project pattern.

Conclusion: due to its openness AHE can produce (or at least provide ground for extraction of) project patterns.