Sunday, May 30, 2010

NevaCamp 2010

Just left NevaCamp 2010 - the Conference/BarCamp about future internet and start-ups.

Organizational stuff is not so perfect. While few speakers and topics were really interesting.

I'd like to mention

- Rostislav Shorgin @telerost, Head of Search Online-Marketing Group at Yandex. He talked about trends and future of information retrieval (aka search).

- Garrett Johnston, Strategic Marketing Director at MTS and President at Brainstore). He's got vision and he talked about a lot of things: from ideas/concepts share in current businesses and long tail of political parties to customer/user experience and Russian creativity.

BarCamp sessions
I've remembered
- 'square' table about twitter by сс00ffee
- OpenId Notebook project presentation by Nikolay Krasilnikov and Nikolay Vyahhi (They try to unlock W3C FoaF's potential for social networks users).

The event's concept
Vitaly Vlasov and Co. follow the idea of BarCamps by Chris Messina (everyone can come and participate).
And it seems that for our community that open format is premature (for 2-3 years?). To have productive, meaningful discussions and new insights it seems better to play with Foo Camp - invitation-only participant driven conference started by Tim O'Reilly. Maybe I'm wrong and the issue with audience is just that the NevaCamp detailed program of the conference part was not published till the event's first day.

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Gleb Kalinin said...

I know these are interconnected phenomena, but immature community is exactly the reason I didn't care to visit Nevacamp. I have to value my time right now and prefer to come only when other participants are assuredly professionals knowing how to behave and having something substantial to say. So I would gladly participate in something like Foo Camp and yes, probably would give Nevacamp a try in a couple of years. :)

Sergey Dmitriev said...

Gleb, I plan some tech gatherings in Fall, so you'll be the first to know about details