Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Corporate IT workers in 2010

Thanks again to Danila Medvedev who is one of the persons behind transhumanism in Russia for providing me with a link to an article in ComputerWorld about "corporate IT workers in 2010". And I've got it just in time - I write a discourse for 'State, Education, Business: Strategies, ' conference that is planned for August 2006 in Tver, Russia. So my reference base has grown with the very apt material.

IT departments will be populated with "versatilists" -- those with a technology
background who also know the business sector inside and out, can architect
and carry out IT plans that will add business value, and can cultivate
relationships both inside and outside the company.

I wrote about this demand-shift just few
months ago in a post of Cisco's opinion on the similar topic.
In the present study the reasons behind that:

...include changes in consumer behavior, an increase in corporate mergers and
acquisitions, outsourcing, the proliferation of mobile devices and growth in
stored data.


... the skills required to land these future technical roles will be honed
outside of IT. Some of these skills will come from artistic talents, math
excellence or even a knack for public speaking -- producing a combination of
skills not commonly seen in the IT realm.

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