Thursday, January 12, 2006

Co-operative learning

I’ve been delighted to see the exact wording of my suggestions that were in a base of ad-hoc education idea by notable education innovator as Dr. Karl Winklmann of College of Engineering and Applied Science University of Colorado at Boulder.

Quotation from University of Colorado site:

"Co-operative learning," as described and advocated by Karl Smith and others. (See Johnson, Johnson, and Smith, Active Learning: Cooperation in the Classroom, Interaction Book Company, ISBN 0-939603-14-4.)
Learning by doing, by carrying out projects.
Students learn by teaching, and they can be the best teachers.
Related to the preceding points: "just-in-time" learning, or "learning on demand."
A common thread in all of the above ideas seems to be the notion that learning is knowledge construction, not knowledge absorption.

Other stuff is placed The notable thing is that these notes are dated 1995.

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