Saturday, May 27, 2006

IT education in Russia conference

Thanks to Andrey Filev (Murano Software) early awareness I submitted thesis on AHE to 'IT education in Russia' conference. 2006 is the fourth year of this conference. The event is organized by Russian association of IT business (APKIT) and supported by such companies as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, 1C etc.

Program committee accepted my work while my employer’s marketing department allowed me to participate under company's name and said they will compensate costs.

The conference took place near Sergiev Pasad - a town about 30 km from Moscow. The trip there began with meeting Ivan Grigoriev - vice-dean of physics dept at St. Petersburg State University. While on the road I talked a lot to Anrey Ivanitsky head of SW development at NAUMEN - one of the interesting IT companies in Russia (at least on my list - I trace their activities for a couple of years already).

The opening part of the conference was attended by Oleg Byakhov, director of the department for the strategy of building information society of Russia's Ministry of Information Technologies. And hmm... He is the second person of state representatives that makes positive impression on me (among those I saw directly without TV or whatever).

Stop here. The continuation will come sooner or later.

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Your stile of writing is nice and liquid. More better then year ago.