Friday, January 15, 2010

EMC talk: "Intrapreneur: High-Tech Innovation At Large Corporations"

20 января, среда, 18:00

Открытая лекция: Intrapreneur: High-Tech Innovation At Large Corporations
Steve Todd, Distinguished Engineer at EMC

Steve is a high-tech software engineer and corporate intrapreneur. Over the course of several decades he has generated over 140 patent applications. In his blog Information Playground Steve writes about innovations and his experiences building software for the information storage industry.

His new blog dedicated to a career in high-tech:
His book about Intrapreneurship and Innovation:

· Steve will discuss one of his ideas that resulted in billions of dollars in product sales.
· The talk covers also the many technologies at EMC which can result in new product innovation.
· Steve will tell about EMC joint projects with MIT Media Lab and give career advice about how to create an innovative career.

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Выступление прошло на ура!
Вот Слайды. Скоро будет видео.

пока готовится видео с выступления, можно посмотреть другое видео, где Стив и другие разработчики говорят о RAID и создании одного из первых дисковых массивов (но оно, правда, такое... "ура-рекламное" :) ).

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