Sunday, December 18, 2005

South Africa Example

In the interview with Taddy Blecher by Peter Day on BBC World Service I've heard about a very radical and simple idea (and the implementation) of a University that runs on no money.
A news article - "University for South Africa's poor" on this topic is here:

The article begins as follows:

Five years ago, from his office in Johannesburg in South Africa, without any university buildings, courses or staff, he began faxing out a letter of invitation to 350 schools.

He asked the brightest and poorest students to apply for a new university - and promised them the "best business education in Africa".

This was going to be South Africa's first free university, created to serve talented youngsters from the poor black communities who could never afford to send their children to the established universities.

The letter struck a chord - and because the only address on the letter was the place where Dr Blecher was working - would-be students began gathering outside the plush consultancy offices.

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