Sunday, November 20, 2005

Loosely coupled engine

As an option (I mean one of the possible implementation scenario) the Ad-hoc Education Environment engine may be just a pool (or a network, if you wish) of loosely coupled free services provided by other systems.
Is there a need for the own service that tights all other together or it's already non-mandatory?

As an example sketch (this post itself could be posted on, somefreeWiki or rumored Google Base)
project: graphics for the Ad-hoc Education Environment

what is requested: any pictures that can help with promoting ahe and its visual design (logo, posters, banners, and even design concept and color schemes, pictures for navigation buttons etc.)

how to contribute: put your jpeg files to e.g. flickr as following user …

comments by reviewers could be posted at blog at this blog will also appear final results (what was selected for use)

to participate please register (if not registered yet) at or

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