Friday, August 26, 2005

Sun Microsystems & Open Source. Next phase

I'm not going to post all open source related news. But this one I've found very important in relation with any open nature activity in the big business.
August 18, 2005 ZDNet News says:
"Sun Microsystems on Wednesday night launched an office dedicated to open-source matters, signaling a new elevation of the collaborative programming philosophy within the server and software company. Simon Phipps, already Sun's open-source officer, will lead the Open Source Office and report to Hal Stern, software chief technology officer. In an interview Thursday, Phipps said the move formalizes a role he's had in coordinating Sun's open-source efforts and communicating with outsiders regarding open-source software." See more:


webmink said...

You may be interested in my more detailed explanation of the move on my blog. I've also written about the associated Ombudsman function.

Sergey Dmitriev said...

Your comment in my blog I consider as a good sign and maybe even as a milestone that has appeared from nowhere in an unexpected way. I followed your links. I read. And I've discovered things important for me. And it was just in time.
My great thanks and very best whishes to you and your current mission at Sun.